Wonton Taco Bites

by 9:21 AM
Made these for a get together, they were SO good. You can make so many varieties of them!! I tried a buffalo chicken one and they were good ...Read More

Turtle Puddles

by 10:11 AM
OMG! I could never ever make these, there would literally be none left for anyone else. I render myself helpless when it comes to chocolate,...Read More

turmeric chicken

by 6:10 AM
This Turmeric Chicken recipe contains jasmine rice, chicken, can coconut milk, olive oil, can diced tomatoes and more. Ingredients: 2 Tbsp o...Read More

Amazing Pasta Salad

by 10:15 AM
Tis the season for pasta salads! Not sure what it is about summer that makes me crave pasta salads. And this one is one of my favorites!! I ...Read More


by 7:48 AM
Is a recipe with Algerian and Tunisian origins that is a staple of Tunisian, Libyan, Algerian, and Moroccan cuisines traditionally served up...Read More
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